Why Dont You Stay - S41:E14


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Description: Bigtit babe Zlata Shine isn't shy about her sensuality. She's just gets in bed when her Raul Costa, arrives. Zlata asks Raul to come on in, thinking that he's her boyfriend. Raul claims he doesn't have time and he has to go. That's okay; Zlata getting started without him and is prepared to finish without him. Feeling a bit naughty, Raul comes inside anyway. By the time he makes it to the bedroom, Zlata has her gigantic melons out and her hand down her g-string to masturbate her greedy vagina. Raul can hear Zlata inside action and he can't help but sneak a peak around the corner. He may have get away with his peepshow except his shoulder hits a photograph and creates a long ruckus. Melons still out, Zlata comes out to investigate what's going on.Raul tries to make some excuses about why he's there, but Zlata's not shy about herself. She isn't afraid to seduce Raul now that she's set eyes on him. The only thing better than masturbating is gets off with a hard cock, after all.Reaching out, Zlata pushes Raul's face into her jugs to make it clear that he's supposed to start licking and sucking off off them. She encourages him to brush lower, too. In return, Zlata slides her hand down to cup Raul's hardon that is clear evidence that he wants her right back.Taking Raul into the bedroom, Zlata pushes him down onto his back and crawls on top of him. She once again pushes those delicious breasts into Raul's face to encourage him to add to her delight. Raul doesn't need to be asked twice; he getting the hint enough to begin licking and sucking those sweater puppies to Zlata's delight.Eventually Zlata can't wait another moment to gotten down and crazy with the D. She puts down Raul's body and tugs his pants down, unveiling a big dick that's ripe for a ORAL SEX. Zlata can't get enough, slurping and blowing off as she grasps the root to deliver a handy on the bottom and a blowie on top. She even offer Raul a nice titty fucked to really make his day!By the time Zlata is ready to move on to something more hardcore, Raul is fully committed. He getting his face between Zlata's thighs to really feast on her wet snatch juices. Then, he curls up behind her to slide home for some spooning sex. He drives himself nice and deep, giving Zlata all the penis she can handle as she strokes her own clit for added pleasure.Taking a seat on the bed, Raul helps guide Zlata down until she's totally impaled on his cock in reverse cowgirl. She bounces away as she mewls in delight. Turning around, she leans forward so Raul can keep on worshipping those gigantic titties as she continues her stiffie ride.Zlata is insatiable as she getting on her hands and knees so Raul can give it to her in doggy. He pumps her full of cock, leaving Zlata nearly satisfied. Rolling onto her back, Zlata takes Raul into one last time as he makes sure she's sated. Then he pulls out, blowing his load onto Zlata's delicious boobies and hitting her open mouth. Rubbing the jizz inside her skin and licking her finger nailed clean, Zlata is clearly well pounded.
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