Indulging In Anna - S41:E12


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Description: How would you like to wake up to a dream come true like Anna Claire Clouds? Oliver Flynn getting to enjoy that fantasy every morning. They've enjoyed a nap on the couch. Prior to falling asleep, each of them stripped down to their lingerie. That makes waking up a Hottie occurrence.Oliver takes his time exploring Anna Claire's petite body. Fondling her tits through her sheer bra is just the beginning to whet both of their appetites. There's Anna Claire's slick cunt to run his finger bang through. Her hard nipples demand attention, too. By the time Oliver has turned Anna onto her side and slid balls deep into her creamy twat. Spooning sex is just the appetizer to a full buffet of afternoon delight. The position lets Oliver really work Anna Claire's lush titties. He getting a little rough, leaning into to nip at those nipples inside his ardor. Rolling Anna Claire onto her back, Oliver lifts her hips and dives nice and deep to lick their mutual juices clean and prep her for another position. He getting on his knees as Anna Claire wraps her legs around his hips to keep him in just the right spot. Sliding back home, Oliver continues to keep his thrusts nice and steady as Anna Claire comes undone around him.Anna Claire takes charge even as she's still panting from the previous position. Gets Oliver to take a seat, she uses the coffee table to her advantage. Kneeling on the wooden top, she leans forward to make love to Oliver's cock with her mouth. Sucking the oral sex and balls, she works herself up to deep throating that man meat.Oliver offer Anna Claire all the time she wants to blow him before he helps her to her foot. Easing her forward over the edge of the couch, he reenters her into a sweet coupling that takes Anna Claire's breath away. She indulges him inside the first few strokes before rocking back to meet him thrust for thrust.They continue their afternoon with Oliver taking a seat on the couch and Anna Claire straddling his lap. She guides herself down until she's fully impaled, then begins bouncing inside a rhythm that drives Oliver wild. Anna Claire knows Oliver is gets close, but she keeps it up until he can't wait another moment to climax. Thrusting up deep inside Anna Claire's velvet glove, Oliver busts his nut to give her a cumshot that drips free as they bask in the afterglow.
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