Intimate Exchange - S15:E3


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Description: Jennifer Mendez is still working from home, which means this huge tit goddess getting away with work-appropriate tops and whatever she wants below. Today she's rocking a g-string and nothing else. When she needs a break, she grabs her phone and snaps a titty shot for her boyfriend, Ricky Rascal. Ricky getting the message loud and clear and heads right to Jennifer's place when he's done with work.Coming up behind Jennifer, Ricky delivers a breast strokes from behind. He takes his time, kneading into circles that strokve the nips but don't quite offer Jennifer the contact she's craving. When Ricky finally lifts Jennifer's shirt and offer her some more serious attention, Jennifer is putty inside his hands. She getting to her foot so they can make out as Ricky keeps her party going, then moans inside bliss as Ricky grabs an ice cube that finally getting those tender nipples nice and hard.When Ricky's hand slips inside her g-string to caress and rub her pussy, Jennifer lets her own hands roam. She unzips Ricky's pants and finds him nice and hard, the better to stroke him off. Their mutual masturbation only lasts a goddess second before Jennifer sinks to a crouch and opens wide to get that hardon in her mouth. Sucking Off Ricky with one hand holding the root as her mouth explores the tip is the dirty Bombshell warmup for the titty nailed that immediately follows.Gets to her feet, Jennifer takes Ricky by the nailed stick and leads him to the bedroom. She falls onto her back with a smile that grows even wider when Ricky runs his fingertips down her meaty cunt. His tongue follows immediately, licking her inside a wet and wild frenzy that only his cock can satisfy.When Ricky finally shoves himself inside, Jennifer can't hold back her moan. She rises to meet his rubs as he fucks her, with things gets even hotter when Ricky gently captures her hands above her oral sex. Rolling onto her hands and knees, Jennifer switches things up so that Ricky can dive nice and deep at an angle of penetration that really getting her motor running.Falling onto her side with Ricky spooning behind her, Jennifer lifts one leg high into the air to open herself up. Ricky comes crashing in, holding nothing back as he makes Jennifer moan. When he reaches down to rub Jennifer's clit, he's rewarded by her throwing her fellatio back in delight.Still looking for one more gigantic O, Jennifer rolls Ricky onto his back. Then she climbs on top for a reverse cowgirl ride that really getting her snatch wet all over again. Turning around, Jennifer grabs the headboard to anchor herself as she gives Ricky her all into cowgirl. She keeps it up until she's mewling one last time, then falls to her side so she can stroke Ricky off until he busts a nut all over her dirty Bae bosom.
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