My two Valentines - S41:E6


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Description: There's nothing more naughty than two girls at once, especially when those two girls get into the seasonal mood with their lingerie. Andi Rose and Vanna Bardot are voluptuous in the Valentine's vibe as they join Jay Romero in bed for a babe three way.The girls get their party started by making out for Jay's benefit and their own enjoyment. hot kisses turn to heavy petting and a bit of grinding as Jay watches and grows harder and hornier. By the time the girls come to bed to tug Jay's hardon out of his briefs, he's raring to go. Vanna and Andi are quick to take advantage, bringing him from one mouth to the other as they share him in a dual blow job.Andi getting to enjoy Jay's goods first as she lays down on the bed and spreads her legs for Jay to enter her. Her moans of pure joy are soon muffled by Vanna, who climbs onto Andi's face and sinks down until her cunt is at the great height for Andi to begin eating her out. When Vanna climbs off and focuses on rubbing Andi's clit as Jay continues to pounded her, there's nothing that can stop the force of Andi's first long O.Vanna is the next inside line to take Jay on. He getting her on her hands and knees, where Andi is waiting with her thighs spread for Vanna to eat her out. Jay licks Vanna from clit to anus, readying her for his hardon. By the time he slides in for a doggy style snatch pounding, Vanna is oh so eater to take him on.When it's Andi's turn again, she wants to be in control. Always obliging, Jay rolls onto his back and lets Andi mount him inside reverse cowgirl. Soon And is cheerfully bouncing away on the D as Vanna cups her GF's titties and massage the hard peaks of her nipples. The girls share a kiss, then Vanna getting on her back with Andi rides her tongue and Jay spooning behind her to really gives it to her.The girls are both looking for one more romp as they create a double vagina stack with Vanna on her belly and Andi kneeling above her. Jay bounces between those two greedy fuck! holes, leaving both of his girlfriends sated as he works himself towards his own finish line. Pulling out, he covers his two angels with his cum shot so that his jizz drips from Andi's ass down to Vanna's.
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