A Craving For Dick - S3:E9


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Description: Alice Pink has been sent away from home to keep her away from her boyfriend. She is bored and turned on and will do whatever it takes to get her some dick in her, including stealing her stepdad's cash. When her stepdad confronts her, Alice switches tactics to claim she has needs that aren't getting satisfied. Her stepdaddy says he's going to call Alice's mom, but Alice stops him and offers to scratch her own itch in exchange for him not bringing her mom into the situation. Her puffy pierced nipples are enough to entice her stepdad.Dropping to her knees, Alice reaches out to grab his hardon and start sucking. Her deep throat ORAL SEX is sloppy and Cutie. When she crawls onto the bed, she keeps on sucking until her stepdaddy is nice and hard, then spreads her legs and slides down on his nailed stick. Rubbing her clit, Alice pants as the sensation of fucking overwhelms her.Alice turns around to riding her daddy inside reverse cowgirl. Then she sucks his balls and gets on her hands and knees so he can pound her twat from behind. When she has climaxed, she rolls onto her back and watches as her stepdad keeps going banging her greedy pussy. She's all softness and excitement as her stepdad brings himself to the brink buried inside her then pulls out to cover her breasts in cum. As he's coming down, Alice's stepfather says she can have the money but she can't use it to watch her BF.
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