Enlivenment Deville Scene With Alex Pioneer, Cherie Deville, Misha Montana - Brazzers Official


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Description: To Cherie DeVille, service is liberty. The idea of chains and gags – instruments to tie and muffle – on the contrary free-for-all her from herself. That which others want she wants too, simply because it was asked. Fulfillment thru providing. Structure, order, bindings and make her sense light, fulfilled and blessed. And her colleague, Misha Montana is about to introduce her to a world of delectation and subservience which she has never known before. Arriving at the chateau of a concealed order, Cherie is instructed to oftentimes be available for Alex Veteran, and anyone else who belongs to this same society. Misha witnesses over the whole endeavor, making sure that Cherie is not only fulfilling her duty, but being fulfilled as well... Guiding. Correcting. Reassuring. But this might only be scraping the surface of Cherie's need to please…
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