Dinner And A Soak 3Some


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Description: Lesbo lovers Sapphire Astrea and Sofia Divine are out on a romantic date, getting extremely flirtatious and affectionate with 1 another. Perhaps a little too much as server Jordi is getting nervous from their virgin, unrestrained erotic energy. I mean, who could help themselves inside the presence of these 2 ravishing chick, giving each other "pounded me" eyes and charming glances. Jordi stumbles under the pressure, spilling water all over Sapphire's dress. He frantically tries to dry her off and gets some sympathy from Sofia. Instead, she jumps inside and takes over patting Sapphire down, caressing her soak body (inside more ways than 1!). Maybe they can have a little fun and performance this server how to earn his tip… Which involves serving his throbbing dick up on a platter for them to play with!
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