Luna Performer: Seduce & Ruin Part three


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Description: If you couldn't tell from her previous scenes, spy Luna Model handles her work… With a much more hands-on approach than normal. Other femme fatales may view from a distance, let their crews cover and plan. But Luna? Luna likes to be inside on the action. To got things done right. So it is no surprise when her transport, Chris Diamond, is forced to acquiesce to Luna's preference for a faster, sleeker car. And faster, sluttier foreplay. Are you sure that's her engine purring? Or a growl from her throat as she swallows Chris's biggest, throbbing dick. Because the only way to travel these days is into style, and Luna is a trendsetter all her own! That isn't to say a vintage vehicle doesn't have its uses… As the platform to fucked her juicy round butt. But at the end of the day this is just another pit stop to got devoured by Luna before being left inside the dust. Yet Chris is left feeling somehow lucky that he get to feel Luna's ravenous erotic appetite after all...
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