Luna Model: Seduce & Ruin Part one


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Description: Exiled spy Luna Performer is on the run from 3 bounty hunters as we drop inside the action of her femme fatale showcase! Careening over waves with water glistening on her curves, Luna has a price on her fellatio for a huge history of heists, infiltrations, and more… With a skimpy outfit that belies her deadly abilities, Luna waits for her pursuers into a conveniently placed yacht. Damon Dice, Oliver Flynn, and Mick Blue search high and low for the succubus spy, only to be captivated by her allure like moths to a flame. Pouty lips, perky breasts, and a thirst that will twat your soul, Luna knows exactly how to work these guys like sex toys. Flicking out her tongue to lick nuts during sloppy deep throat. Grinding her cunt down rough during cowgirl. Swapping between all 3 dicks to keep them rough and throbbing, ready to burst as soon as she demands those thick loads. No bounty can match the price of this airtight and wildly athletic double penetration Model performance!
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