My Step Sister Sat On My Dick - S14:E2


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Description: Angelica Cruz is sleeping when her stepbrother, Seth Gamble, sneaks into her room to borrow her laptop so he can do a report. When Seth opens Angelica's computer, he sees that his little sis has been busy posting sexual pictures of herself all over the Internet. He has to admit that it's great Goddess. As Seth is stroking his boner through his pants, Angelica rolls over so that he also gets an eyeful of her butt in a nice g-string. All those visuals get Seth nice and hard when his sister wakes up and wants to know what he's doing in her room.When Angelica slips the pieces together and figures out that Seth has been perving on her, she taunts him that he's not going to get her Bae bod. To prove her point, Angelica starts showing herself off. From flashing her titted, to pulling her g-string down and spreading her booty cheeks, she puts on a show. Everything is going Angelica's way until she stumbles backward and her slippery cunt puts down on Seth's dick. After her initial surprise, Angelica realizes that she likes her brother's long member. It's not huge before she's happily bouncing away on his pounded stick.Hopping off Seth's cock, Angelica sucks her juices clean. Then she gets on her belly so Seth can enjoy that ass as he bangs her from behind. Her moans encourage Seth to give it to her nice and hard. When Angelica rolls over, Seth thumbs her clit as he keeps going to town on her. As she cries out with the force of her orgasm, her snatch walls milk out Seth's climax as well. When he pulls out and Angelica realizes her brother has nutted inside her twat, she freaks out once again.
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