Clean Yourself Up - S1:E8


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Description: Vivianna Mulino has recently moved inside with one of her dad's friends who tries to be understanding about his roommate's lack of giveafuck about cleanliness or finding a job. Having a roommate is a big adjustment for dad's friend, especially a wild Latina with big tits and a knack for flashing her private parts all over the house while trash talking her new roommate. When he walks in on Vivianna having phone sex in his bed, he decides that what this Hot mess needs is some strict discipline. Turning Vivianna around, he smacks her on the ass and then tells her to thank him for giving her the discipline she needs. Dad's friend has decided he's Vivianna's daddy now, so he takes off her pants to get full palm on ass action. When he realizes how turned on Vivianna is getting, he whips out his cock and puts it home inside her tight little snatch.Vivianna realizes she likes her new roommate dynamic, so she whips out her hugest titties and pushes them together for a titty banged! followed by a deep throat head. When she's done enjoying on her roommate's penis with her mouth, she hops up on the counter to let him bang her as he admires the way her tits jiggle with the force of his thrusts. Dropping down to her knees, Vivianna lets dad's friend cum all over her face.
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